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Where To Buy Computer Keyboards And Mice At An Affordable Price In Nairobi, Kenya?
Look no further. Buy computer keyboards and mice now online from NeoTech ICT Solutions, the leading Keyboards and Mice dealers in Nairobi, Kenya. We stock high quality and original keyboards in Nairobi, and have the best prices for keyboards and mice- whether you are looking for wireless or wired keyboards. Our computer mice have been uniquely assembled from leading brands like Logitech, dell, hp etc. Shopping online for keyboards and mice is now easy and seamless.

About Computer Keyboards in Nairobi

If you are looking to find a reliable computer keyboards dealer in Nairobi, then consider shopping online or buy computer keyboards and mice at Dove Computers. So next time you are shopping, don’t struggle about where to buy computer keyboards in Nairobi, just head over to Dove and buy computer keyboards online. We have the best computer keyboard prices in Nairobi.

Comfortable, quiet typing.

Once you buy computer keyboards and mice online from Dove Computers, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and quiet typing experience thanks to the low-profile keys that barely make a sound and standard layout with full-size F-keys and number pad.

Spill-resistant design.

Liquid drains out of the keyboard, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your investment wit accidental spills.

Thin profile

Before you buy computer keyboards and mice from any online shop, you should ensure the keyboard has a thin profile that adds a sleek look to your desk while keeping your hands in a more comfortable, neutral position.

Durable keys

The keys can last up to 10 million keystrokes so you can keep typing long after many keyboards have called it quits.

About Computer Mice Prices in Nairobi

Dove computers offers the best computer mice prices in Nairobi Kenya that you won’t find with any other retailer. We are the official computer mice dealers in Nairobi offering the largest varieties of mice including Logitech, hp, dell etc.

Simple to set up and use (Plug and Play).

If you want to buy computer keyboards and mice online, Make sure you go for the once whose setup is fast and easy—just plug the cable into a USB port. There’s no software to install. And since it’s corded, you can just plug the cable into a USB port and use it right away.


Designed to keep either hand happy. So you’ll feel comfortable, even after hours of use.

High-definition optical tracking.

You’ll enjoy responsive, smooth cursor control and precise tracking and easy text selection thanks to high-definition optical tracking.

So, next time you think about where to buy computer keyboards and mice online, consider NeoTech ICT Solutions for the best prices for keyboards and mice in Nairobi. Look no further. Buy online from Neo tech ICT Solutions, the leading Computer Accessories dealers in Nairobi, Kenya. Located at Yamazaki mall shop D6, Rahimtulla trust building along Moi avenue opposite Bihi towers.

You can reach us on phone +254 721 999 440 or +254 112 544 330

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