WIFI Routers and mini routers
Recently we have experienced a tremendous increase in internet connectivity in Kenya more so in Nairobi. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck many organizations and individuals were forced to work. These led to an increase in home internet connectivity with a majority demanding WIFI routers and services. Routers and WIFI mini routers became a major demand.

At NeoTech ICT solutions, we are blessed to have invested enough in all types of Networking equipment and their pricing is as attractive and competitive as their demand. some of the routers on offer are; Huawei wifi router price in Kenya, 4G router price in Kenya. Also, we have wifi mini router price, wifi mini router sim card enabled. Just to add Safaricom router price in Kenya and Telkom router price in Kenya. Also, desktop/rackmount switch, and routers.

WIFI routers

Importance of WIFI routers and mini routers
1. Increased speed
Speeds vary among single, dual, and tri-band WiFi routers. Your router’s efficiency depends on the number of bands it has. The speed of transferring data is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). For example, a single-band optimal speed is up to 750 Mbps. A dual-band WiFi router clocks up to 1625 Mbps, and a tri-band router provides the fastest speeds with up to 2166 Mbps on each band. The best local router is the TP-link router and the Huawei wifi mini router price varies depending on the model.

2. Increased Range/Coverage
Traditional routers that deploy single-user technology connect WiFi to one device at a time, which impacts the overall speed and reliability. Max-stream routers, which use multi-user technology, delivers WiFi to multiple devices all at once and at the same speed. the best networking equipment is the Huawei WIFI ranger extender.

3. Better Control
Ditching your ISP router and installing a whole-home mesh WIFI system gives you more control and customization. Many people may experience inadequate WiFi areas throughout their home when they’re stuck with their ISP-provided router. They can opt to use a portable WIFI mini router sim card, this helps you have fast internet anywhere you go.

4. Enhanced Firmware
Firmware updates to a WiFi router often improve functionality and fix bugs. Does your current ISP-provided router have that capability? What happens when there is a bug in the system? Are you dependent on having a tech come to your home to fix it?

Upgrading your WiFi router to a Linksys WiFi router can keep your firmware and device updated automatically when fixes need to happen.

5. Improved Guest Network Functionality
Whether you’re a small business with WiFi or using WiFi at home, you may want to offer WiFi to your guests. However, you want to make sure it’s secure and guests don’t have access to sensitive information on your network. The TP-link WIFI router and mini router provide a secure account where you ensure your network is safe.

TP-link WIFI router and Huawei WIFI mini router prices in Kenya vary depending on the model. Neo Tech ICT Solutions offer the best prices for routers with prices from Ksh. 2,000

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