80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll


Print receipts quickly & efficiently with high quality 80mm white thermal paper rolls.

Contrary to regular paper rolls, thermal paper uses cutting-edge technology that brings new meaning to printing. Choosing the right paper roll is important, though, if you are to make full use of your POS device.
80mm x 80mm Thermal paper roll is the most popular size in the worldwide market. It is compatible with any standard 80mm receipt printer, and widely used in restaurants, banks, retail industry, etc.

Benefits of Using 80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll

  1. Printing is done amazingly fast, with about 8 inches of paper being printed each second. When your billing line moves fast, you will have less disgruntled customers, thereby leading to more loyal customers. With the speed of printing, much stress is also reduced on your employees at the billing counter.
  2. Since 80mm x 80mm paper comes in rolls, it is simple to load and provides continuous feed. The longer the roll, the more use time, and you cut out much hassle that is involved in feeding paper into traditional printing machines.
  3. Thermal paper rolls are of the highest quality rolls you can possibly find, and your printed receipt is clear, uniform and neat. Most manufacturers provide a guarantee of 5 years of life for your printed receipts.
  4. You can print in duplicate or triplicate without the use of carbon sheets. This provides you with a simple and eco-friendly way of providing multiple receipts of a transaction to your customer as well as for your accounting books, faster than you might have imagined.
  5. Thermal paper rolls have a long shelf life. You can therefore place your orders in bulk and store paper rolls for long-term use. You thereby get great discounts on bulk purchases, while also ensuring that your POS machines are constantly fed with paper.

Overall Dimensions

  • Paper width: 80mm
  • Roll diameter: 80mm
  • Paper length: 60m ~ 80m (depends on paper thickness)
  • Paper type: Thermal

5 Things You Must Know When Ordering Paper Rolls:

  • Don’t only pay attention to the price per roll, but also the price per meter.
  • Longer paper means more receipts per roll, so you don’t need to change the roll as frequently.
  • Pay attention to the core size as well since it can be a determining factor of the paper roll price.
  • Good quality thermal paper always deserves the high price.
  • You cannot expect to buy good quality thermal rolls at a low price.

Thermal paper rolls come in different sizes and lengths and are widely in demand for their clarity of prints.Buy 80mm x 80mm Thermal Roll from NeoTech ICT Solutions today and have it delivered to your location.


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